Formative Assessment

With the implementation of a Curriculum for Excellence and Assessment is for Learning, formative assessment techniques are being used in every Chemistry class.

Some of the strategies employed are:

  • Sharing criteria – Pupils are more aware of where they are in their learning and where they are going through the use of sharing learning intentions and success criteria
  • Questioning – Pupils are asked a range of questions to encourage understanding. Questions are used to develop higher order thinking skills and to encourage pupils to explore new concepts
  • Feedback – Verbal feedback is given on work and homework. This enables pupils to set individual targets on how they can improve. Comment feedback is also given on some homework.
  • Peer assessment – Pupils are given opportunities to mark their own and their peers work. This enables them to self reflect on their progress in class and allows them to communicate effectively with other members of the class. Pupils are usually asked to give positive feedback to their peers along with a target to improve on.