Summative Assessment

S1 Integrated Science

Each of the four units has an end of unit assessment.  These cover both the elements of knowledge and understanding and problem solving.  Investigative and practical skills are developed throughout each topic and assessed through investigations carried out in each unit.

S2 Chemistry

Each of the two topics carries an end of topic assessment, covering both knowledge and understanding and problem solving.  Practical skills are assessed separately incorporating investigations. 


S4 Standard Grade Chemistry

Assessments are carried out at the end of a topic or block of two topics and exams as shown below:






End of topic test



S4 Prelim



End of topic test



S4 Mini-prelim



Each assessment covers both knowledge and understanding and problem solving skills.  Grades are formally recorded on a departmental sheet.

Within each unit, pupils are encouraged to assess their own understanding by completing appropriate quick quizzes.  This indicates to both teacher and pupil how effective their progression through the unit has been.

Practical is assessed formally according to the instructions from SQA.  There are five techniques and two investigations that each pupil must attempt.  As far as is possible the techniques are set in the context of normal practical work.  Teachers retain all evidence in a folder for moderation purposes.  All marks are recorded on the teacher sheet which is returned to the PT in March for the completion of SQA returns.


S5 Higher and Intermediate 2 Courses

Each Unit in Intermediate 2 and Higher has a SQA Unit assessment for Learning Outcomes 1 and 2 (Knowledge and Understanding and Problem Solving) at specified times in the year.



Assessment Month








Each unit assessment is marked out of 30 and lasts for 45 minutes.  For a pass the candidate has to achieve at least 18 marks.

There are also mini tests within each unit to indicate pupil progress.

Learning Outcome 3 (Practical Assessment) is assessed by a prescribed practical and report.  Teachers correct these according to SQA guidelines. 

There is also a prelim set in January covering work from Units 1 and 2.

 Advanced Higher

The Advanced Higher theory course is assessed through unit assessments (NABs)

There is a prelim set in March, which covers the whole theory course. Homework is set throughout.

The practical experiments are assessed by observation, the production of a lab book and by the submission of a written report to SQA.  The project is assessed by SQA .