Homework plays a vital role in supporting pupil learning in Chemistry. The school’s homework policy is clearly explained in the school handbook.

The purpose of homework in Chemistry is summarised below:

  1. To enable pupils to consolidate their knowledge and understanding of their classwork.
  2. To provide both the pupil and teacher with a clear indication of the pupil’s strengths and weaknesses.
  3. To encourage skills of organisation of study time.
  4. To provide parents an opportunity to monitor and evaluate their child’s progress.


Homework Policy

Homework in the Chemistry Department is set within the following guidelines.

  1. Homework is set regularly throughout the school session. The timing of the homework is planned on the Pupil Progress Sheet and/or the teacher’s guide.
  2. The quantity and level of difficulty of homework is dependent on the stage of the pupil. The homework exercises are designed to cover a range of problem solving skills and to enhance the understanding of the course content.
  3. In general, pupils are given one week to complete a homework exercise. This is to allow pupils to plan their study time effectively.
  4. All homework exercises are marked by the class teacher and comments are given as feedback. Pupil completion of homework is recorded.
  5. The Standard Grade Chemistry homework is differentiated into General and Credit levels but all pupils are encouraged to attempt both levels until after the prelim in S4.
  6. National 4 and 5 homework is set by the department and is completed on consumable sheets.
  7. Higher Grade homework is set from department derived homework sheets and past papers.
  8. Advanced Higher homework is set by the teacher from a selection of resources.
  9. Any pupil who fails to complete their homework should be logged in the Departmental Discipline Log.