S2 Chemistry

The Chemistry content of the second year builds on the S1 integrated science course. The primary aims of the course at this stage are to build on the young pupils thirst for knowledge and to develop their scientific skills as outlined in the science experiences and outcomes.  The S2 Chemistry course is developed using Level 3 experiences and outcomes. The courses involve practical activities to illustrate chemical concepts and to develop practical, problem solving and thinking skills.

 The topics covered are listed below:


  •       Indicators
  •       pH scale
  •       Dilution
  •       Neutralisation
  •       Acids in society


  •       Earth structure
  •       Ores
  •       Periodic table
  •       Physical properties of metals
  •       Chemical properties of metals
  •       Hydrogen
  •       Extraction of metals
  •       Corrosion
  •       Recycling

 Active learning is an integral part of each Chemistry lesson. In light of curricular developments, the course has been adapted to meet the needs of our pupils, to encourage independence and choice of learning and to provide opportunities for development of pupil skills. Literacy and numeracy skills in particular play an important role in Chemistry. The S2 course facilitates their development; for further details see Fronter.